3 Free Apps to Keep You Motivated in 2020

Just this past week, many of us made a whole list of New Year’s resolutions. Now that we’ve visualized them, it’s time to put them into practice. Now, there are apps that can keep you motivated, driven, and goal-focused. While many of them cost money, there are some great free ones available and we’re here to let you in on our three favorite apps.


This app allows you to choose positive affirmations and to record them with your own voice and add music. By hearing mantras in your own voice, you’re more likely to benefit from them.



Vision boards have been considered a great way to actualize your dreams and goals and now you can do this virtually with iWish. Create a “bucket list” with your aspirations and track them with the in-app-to-do lists – you’ll achieve your goals before you know it!

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Be Focused

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a task? We’ve heard that breaking it down into smaller ones makes it easier to complete it. Be Focused does this for you by dividing the tasks into 25 minutes of work with a five-minute break interval. You can finally say goodbye to procrastination in 2020!