3 Fashion/Beauty Products That are Bad For the Environment

Did you know that the fashion and beauty industry is also responsible for the huge amounts of plastic found in our environment? Plastic is everywhere; not just in plastic bottles and grocery bags. There are a ton of everyday beauty and fashion items that contain loads of plastic and these are the ones you should be aware of.

Sheet Masks

It’s not just the sheet masks that are problematic for the environment, it’s how they are packaged. Not only are the masks made from nylon or polyester, but the packaging also contains plastic and aluminum. Try switching to ones made from biodegradable materials like bamboo sheets.



Although sequins used to be made from metal, they are now made out of PVC, which is nonbiodegradable. There are some companies that are starting to make sequins from recycled plastic, but these are the exceptions. Instead of buying a new sequin top, opt for one that’s metallic. You’ll still get the same look and it won’t be as itchy!


Face Wipes

Face wipes are usually made from polyester and they end up on beaches and in oceans. Avoid flushing them down the toilet and when it’s possible, use biodegradable ones or reusable cotton pads.