Zara Launched a Super Stylish Maternity Range (and it’s About Time)

Image via pregnantandfashionable/Instagram

Zara’s latest maternity range is stylish and affordable.

The Spanish retailer has released a new maternity collection called “Mum”. The range is stylish and eclectic and prices range between $9-$50 so it’s actually affordable. The collection features dresses, comfy jumpers, and even dungarees.

A Zara spokesperson said about the range: “Shopping for maternity clothes doesn’t need to be hard.” And thanks to the new Mum range, it really isn’t. Expecting mums can wear all the most fashionable statement pieces they love, but in a way that is comfortable and compliments their new bumps.

The collection has gone down a treat on social media. One Twitter user wrote:

“‘***squealing*** what a time to be alive! I’m not even preggers and find this immensely exciting – long overdue IMO. When women become pregnant, they want to wear the SAME clothes, just bigger in certain areas!”

Another fan of the collection tweeted: ” ‘How cool and stylish is this gonna be?!… @Zara will do maternity so well.'”