If You Want to Escape to Somewhere Warm This Winter, Check Out These Spots

Bangkok, Thailand. Photo by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash

Some people are just not made for the winter, but in most places in the world, it’s unavoidable. But, if you have time to travel this winter, there are still places where you can go to warm up. Visiting somewhere in the winter will not only feel more like a treat-yourself kind of trip but most likely there will be fewer tourists so you will see the true colors of these amazing cities.

Bangkok, Thailand

If you want a wild Asian adventure, visit Bangkok this winter. You won’t find much rain at all in the winter months, and the temperature will still be in the upper 70s.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The cultural capital of Israel is the perfect place to be in the winter time. During the day the temperatures stay in the high 60s, and at night it only drops to the mid or low 50s. It also doesn’t rain very often, which means you can enjoy all the cities beautiful beaches year round.

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Malaga, Spain

This Spanish city in the southern region of Andalucia is a gorgeous place to visit and really is best in the winter. In the summer and even spring, the temperatures can go well into the upper 90s, making siesta absolutely imperative. However, in the winter, this coastal city stays perfectly in the low 60s.