You’re Forgetting To Put Foundation On This One Spot

The whole point of foundation is to make you look like you’re not wearing it at all. The perfect foundation is your “second skin” that just makes you look better, not like you’re obviously wearing makeup on your face.

In order to achieve this, the first step is to pick the right shade for your skin. The right foundation should ideally match the skin tone on your neck so it should blend together perfectly. The second step is to make sure you’ve applied it everywhere that matters. But perhaps you’re forgetting this one spot.

To make your complexion perfectly even and flawless, always bring your foundation over your eyelids. There’s a reason why dark circles are called circles – any discoloration you might have in that area is not only located underneath your eyes but on the lids as well. Foundation is the great way to even that out and not to mention it’s also a great eyeshadow base.

Are you ready to do makeup with this in mind and see the difference?