How to Throw an Amazing Clothing Swap!

Clothing swaps are exactly what we need in this day and age. It’s a time to bring friends and acquaintances together through the common need for all of us; clothes!

Clothing swaps are not only a fun social time to hang out, but they also save people money and they are very eco-friendly. Instead of going out and buying something new, reusing clothes makes sure that we don’t make more trash! If this sounds like something you want to host, here are some easy tips to get started.

Create a Group

Whether it is a group chat or a social media platform, create some sort of message or event so you can have all your information in one place. If you’re inviting a lot of people, be accommodating and suggest a few different date and times. That way the majority of people will be able to come and more clothes will get shared.


If you’re having a lot of people over, choose a space in your house and create stations for each person. You can section it off with tape so people can just simply come over and dig through the different clothes. Also, have a shoe section so the clothes don’t get dirty in the process.