Your Guide For Finding Size-Inclusive Gyms

Photo by Geert Pieters on Unsplash

Joining gyms can be overwhelming, especially went everyone looks super fit and you’re just starting your fitness journey. It’s important to join a gym where you feel comfortable and don’t have to worry about people staring at you. Here are some tips for finding the right gym for you.

Check Out Social Media

Social media is much more accessible than visiting each gym, so start by checking out the posts and people’s comments on them. Gyms that say they’re body positive should have images that show people of all ages and body sizes.

Sit in on Classes

Going to a class and listening to the teacher is always a good way to get a feel for the messages they are trying to promote. If a teacher talks about getting the summer bikini body or losing fat, maybe it’s not the right class for you.

Goal Setting

If you’re looking for a personal trainer, be sure you ask about a fitness plan and goals. Your goals shouldn’t revolve around losing weight, they should be about lifestyle changes like being able to keep up with your children.

Look For Other Signs of Inclusion

Body positive gyms aren’t just about size, they’re about working around limitations like injuries or arthritis. Look for places that have people of various ages and capabilities.