Mushroom Lamps: Light Up Your Home With This 70s Inspired Trend

We can’t seem to keep track of all of the trends making a comeback from previous decades, but we’ve taken notice of mushroom lamps. Mushroom lamps are just what you’de imagine them to be—lamps shaped just like mushroom and they were popular in the 70s.

They go great with space-age, futuristic home decor and they come in all shapes and sizes and in metallic and glossy finishes. Mushroom lamps are not only stylish, but they’re also practical as the dome shape allows light to cast downward providing a feeling of warmth. Check out some of our favorite mushroom lamps below!

Colored Mushroom Lamp

Instantly brighten up any room with this red mushroom lamp. It will add an eclectic vibe to your home and it looks super dope when it’s lit up.

Mixed-Material Mushroom Lamp

Mixing metals and materials is super trendy and this mushroom lamp does it perfectly with a felt shade and copper base.

Mushroom Floor Lamp

Who said mushroom lamps have to be just for tables? This adjustable floor lamp is great when you want to relax on your couch with a nice book.

White Mushroom Lamp

We love the shape and texture of this white mushroom lamp, that’s anything but basic.