You Should Choose a Steel Water Bottle Over a Plastic One

Most of us buy bottled water on a daily basis, without thinking about the consequences of this behavior. Plastic water bottles are extremely harmful to our health, so make sure to read a list of reasons why you should replace it with a stainless steel bottle.

Plastic bottles are not sustainable

Earth is drowning in plastic waste and every single bottle we buy will make this situation much worse. This bottled water we drink in only a few minutes will degrade for hundreds or even a thousand years and that’s certainly something to think about before we buy it next time.

Plastic is toxic

The plastic used for making water bottles contains harmful chemicals and if the bottles are not stored properly (they’re exposed to heat or are old), we’re exposing ourselves to harmful toxins from the plastic.

Plastic bottles can’t be refilled

In theory, you can refill your plastic bottle as many times you want, and many people actually do this, but this is wrong in so many ways. Harmful chemicals from the plastic can leach into the water over time and grow dangerous bacteria, especially if your bottle is exposed to heat. Plastic bottles can never be cleaned properly, so make sure to replace it with a stainless steel bottle as soon as possible.