Would You Ever Buy a Used Makeup Product?

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

The 2010s brought the revolution of the second-hand clothing market, even though many didn’t expect this. But are we now ready for second-hand beauty? Buying previously owned beauty and makeup products has been one of the leading trends in the U.S. and Japan recently.


Glambot is a U.S. company that will buy your used makeup, sanitize it, repackage it, and sell it again. Their products sell for around 15-20% cheaper than the original products and they have positioned themselves as a leader in this market.

Japan is also a big market for this type of beauty products. Millennials in Japan are obsessed with getting second-hand makeup, especially from brands they can’t get in their home country. Japan’s biggest online shop is Mercari, but it works a bit differently than Glambot. Mercari is a site that connects sellers and buyers, offering the users a secure way to get used but sanitized products.


Have you ever bought a used beauty item? What do you think about this idea?