Top 3 Carnivals to Visit in Europe

February and early March are here which means carnival season is just starting! Although many cities have kept the carnival tradition alive, some are bigger and more famous than others. There are many amazing carnivals around Europe and here are three of the best ones you can join.

Cologne, Germany

The Cologne Carnival is one of the biggest and oldest ones in Germany and Europe. It lasts for a week (February 20-26th in 2020) and during that time bars and pubs don’t close. It’s common to see people drinking beer on the streets despite cold weather.

Venice, Italy

The Venice Carnival is probably the most famous out of all European carnivals. In 2020, it starts on February 8th and ends on February 25th.

Nice, France

Carnival of Nice is an exciting yearly event that the whole French Riviera anxiously waits for year after year. This year, it’s scheduled for February 15th – February 29th. It’s a perfect excuse to explore Nice and the rest of France if you haven’t already!