Why You Should Always be on the Lookout for Estate Sales

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash

Chances are you have seen signs for an estate sale, either while walking your dog around your neighborhood or driving through an older part of town. An estate sale is basically a slightly nicer version of a yard sale; they occur after a person has passed away. You can find so many unique gems at estate sales, so get hunting!

Typically in estate sales, the whole house is open for business; you have the chance to get an idea of how items will look inside a home. You can get amazing deals on antiques and you can find some real treasures.

Even if a company is overseeing the estate sale, they still don’t take the time and consideration to price everything to what it’s actually worth. That means that as you go around, look at the bottom of household items like glasses, vases, plates, and more, for brands you recognize names or pieces that are pieces of china. If you get them at a low price, you can often sell them later for a pretty profit.