Hack Your Way into Less Laundry This Summer


During the summer, it can feel like your dirty clothes hamper is never-ending. We tend to change our clothes more frequently during the summer because of the hot temperatures and the number of trips and parties we attend. If you want to save time and energy instead of doing laundry all the time, this guide is for you.

Utilize the Heat

One way that you can lower your energy bill this summer is by foregoing your dryer and using a drying rack or clothesline instead. Your clothes will dry really fast during the day in the hot sun, so why not use mother nature to save you a few bucks?


Although you can’t do this with every item, a good way to keep your clothes cleaner for longer is to hand wash certain dirty areas instead of cleaning the entire garment. For things like bathing suits and tank tops, you can use a natural soap, like castille soap to clean the areas that get the dirtiest like bathing suit bottoms and the armpits of tops.

Lighter Colores & Fabrics

A good way to keep your clothes cleaner is to wear smart clothes during the summer. Avoid dark colors during the day which attracts heat, and wear lighter fabrics, like linen that whisk away sweat and dry as you wear it.