Why Cookbooks are Still Important

Nowadays, there is so much information out there about food and cooking, that a lot of people believe cookbooks should become obsolete. However, no matter how much information the internet might have to offer, nothing can replace a real cookbook.

Cookbooks have been changing in the last decade or so into much more than your grandmother’s cookbooks, so here are some reasons to keep the traditions alive.


If you open up a recent cookbook, chances are that you won’t just find pages of recipes. Sure, they might be in there too, but alongside them are pages of stories or essays that give the reason why the author even created the book in the first place. These stories challenge and inform the reader’s ideas about the cuisine the author is referencing, which is so important in a time where food knowledge can start to run together.


Cookbooks give a voice to people that may not be heard otherwise. People from ostracized or minority groups who don’t hold power in society become powerful by using food as a tool. Food goes so much beyond eating, and allowing someone who has a real connection to the food tell the audience what they want them to know, is really powerful and inspiring.