Where to do Regular Decluttering?

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Decluttering can become overwhelming when not done regularly. Here are some areas that you should declutter daily:


Remove receipts and slips and put them in a safe place for the end of the month.  Make sure each card is in the correct place, so you don’t panic the next time you need it.

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Don’t leave empty coffee cups, fast food containers, gum wrappers, etc. in your car.  Throw them away or your car will start to smell and appear messy.



You can’t always handle all the mail in your inbox in one day, but only a daily basis, sort through it and delete what is not important.  File important mail in folders for ease of access.



Work through your mail daily.  Store what is important in a safe place.  Tear up and recycle junk mail.


Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.  They’ll still be there in the morning and it will take more effort to clean them.

Today was going to be a great morning. I got up, showered, wiped yesterday’s mascara from under my eyes- I even straightened my hair. || Monday had other plans. || It didn’t matter that yesterday’s dishes sat dirty in the dishwasher, and dirtier dishes sat soaking in the sink. Today, we were going to have a great morning. I was going to get it DONE. || But… Monday had other plans. || The Little’s and I were going to use the browning bananas to make banana bread, and the house would smell delicious. || But Monday had other plans. || Instead, I wiped 4 poopy butts, made lunch, handwashed 2 sink fulls of dishes, emptied the dishwasher, lost my temper and yelled at my 2 yo. Swept, watched said angry two yo kick the dust pile I made all over the living room floor. I kissed boo boos, picked up toys, changed more diapers, diffused some calming oils, attempted lunch, Fed the baby, held the baby while attempting lunch, put more calming oils on my neck, dissolved three “I had it first arguments”, and put the kids to bed early. || Monday may have had other plans. I may not have gotten the ish done that I planned- but- I did get ish done. || Sometimes rocking motherhood doesn’t look like we want it to look. Sometimes, our mornings have other plans. My house isn’t shining and it doesn’t smell like freshly baked bread. I don’t have homemade passion fruit tea lemonade for the after school kids ready. I need another cup of coffee. BUT! The kids have dry diapers, full bellies, happy sleepy hearts. So today, I’m going to take what I can get, and affirm to myself, I rocked motherhood anyway. #momsquadaily #momsquadfail #inbeautyandchaos #motherhoodmoments #mommyblog #childofig #candidchildhood #capturinglife #capturinglife #thehappynow #our_everyday_moments #parenthood_moments #parenthood_unveiled #dirtydishes

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Table Desk

This is the area where you keep keys and other necessities.  Keep it clear of any other items to avoid chaos in the morning.