What is Tweed Hair and Why Should You Try It?

This year we’ve seen plenty of fabric-based hair color trends and this season we’re about to see more of them. The newest hair color trend is called tweed hair and it’s becoming increasingly popular in hair salons this fall.


To create this magical hair color, stylists are using a well-known technique called the weave. Hair colorist Guy Tang spoke to Allure and he compared this technique to sewing.

“You take little stitches across each section to achieve subtle dimension in the hair. The larger the stitch, the more contrast you get.” But unlike other weave highlights, tweed uses natural hair tones to create this contrast.

“Tweed uses smaller sections and exposes the natural undertones in the hair rather than removing them completely,” colorist Rex Jimieson said.

It seems that tweed hair is perfect for all girls who’d like to change their hair color, but still want to keep a natural and subtle look. And fall is definitely the perfect time for a hair makeover.

There are many different options to choose from, so take a look at the photos below for more inspiration.