What Does Baking your Face Mean?

In the beauty world, drag culture is creating many trends. Drag makeup is strong and allows you to change the shape of your face completely while lasting all night.

The way to transform your face is called ‘baking.’ For this technique you use liquid concealer and cover it with lots of powder, wait for 10 minutes and brush the excess powder off. Most celebrities and youtube make up tutorials are now incorporating baking into their make up routines.


How does baking work exactly?

If you use liquid foundation or concealer, you already know that it gives you full coverage and is much easier to control. The problem is, when it sets, it doesn’t mitigate oil production and so your body temperature helps the liquid part of the formula evaporate.

By adding lots of powder on top, you trap the liquid. This is sort of like an oven, hence the name baking, and this will evaporate the liquids faster. When your face produces moisture during the day the areas you have baked will re-hydrate and bring you back to neutral.


How to do this at home

Pick your favorite liquid concealer and a strong translucent powder, that doesn’t contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Kim Kardashian and Huda Beauty make powder, especially for baking. Use a beauty sponge and a large fluffy brush. Apply the concealer and blend it with the sponge then put on lots of powder. Wait for at least 10 mins. Brush off the excess powder. Baking works well on places where your concealer tends to move around during the day.


Please note: if you have dry skin, try to use a setting spray to take out the extra moisture and not give you the feeling of lots of makeup.