Weekend Project for a Winter-Ready Bedroom

Photo by mark chaves on Unsplash

Can you feel it already? Winter is nearly here and so are the days of turning your bedroom into a warm, comfy cocoon. You’re only five steps away from making your bedroom ready for winter.

Step 1: Clutter Clearing

Take away everything that doesn’t belong to your bedroom, it’s only cluttering the space.


Step 2: Deep Cleaning

Wash the curtains, vacuum under the bed, and clean every little corner of your bedroom.

Step 3: Mattress and Pillows Cleaning

Wash what you can and vacuum the rest. Flip the mattress over.

Step 4: Switch to Winter Linens

Take out your flannel linens and wash the comforter.


Step 5: Extra Touch

Bring in a few pieces that make you happy. Perhaps it’s a few new fluffy pillows? Or a warm robe?