We Have All the Makeup Tricks You Need This Halloween

Halloween is easily one of the scariest holidays. When the time comes to put a costume on, most people have the habit of terrifying someone with their choice. Lately, most people pay great attention to makeup looks to make their costumes more convincing.

However, it’s not always necessary to be scary. Makeup artists are bringing something a little bit different to the plate – terrifying, but with a touch of glam.


Not all of the skulls are petrifying; they actually can look very lively. A good combination of bright colors, pearls, and crystals will bring a glam skull to life.



We all wanted to be mermaids when we were kids, but it’s not too late. All a modern mermaid needs is glitter, flakes, and pearls to look pretty real.


Ice Queen

For all the fans of Game of Thrones, getting this kind of look is perfection. Just add a crown to the mix and prove to the world you can rule the Seven Kingdoms.


The Mask

Being a true artist takes a lot of creativity. Even if you don’t have a mask, you can always paint one, add sparkle, and you are ready to be a secret villain on Halloween.