These are the Most Unusual Hotels in the World

From bold exterior designs to buildings shaped like Boeing 747, there are many unusual hotels in the world that can make your next trip even more adventurous. If you want a room in a one-of-a-kind hotel, these are the places to visit.

Hotel Zaandam

Zaandam hotel in Amsterdam is part of the Inntel group and is well known for its unusual and bold exterior that looks like several different houses that are randomly stacked upon one another.

Free Spirit Spheres Hotel

If you ever wanted to own a house on a tree as a kid, this hotel will fulfill your childhood dreams. Free Spirit Spheres Hotel actually consists of three large wooden globes that are built in trees, five meters above the ground, in the rainforests of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Could it be more perfect?

Sun Cruise Resort

This unbelievable hotel shaped like a cruise ship is perched on top of a rocky cliff in a town called Jeongdongjin in South Korea. If you ever visit this country, we recommend staying in it for at least one night to enjoy this unique experience.

Hotel Costa Verde

Hotel Costa Verde is located in the middle of the jungle in Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica. It’s a perfect copy of Boeing 727 and the rooms offer a mesmerizing view of the forest as well as the Pacific Ocean.