Virtual Reality Workouts are the Latest Fitness Trend

Virtual realities are no longer being reserved for video games. The latest workout trend allows you to train in virtual worlds and there are many options available. Although the trend is still new, here’s what you can expect.

The Equipment

You’ll need to get fitness-specific headsets that pair with exercise equipment to get started. With the VZfit, it pairs with any stationary bike and you can cycle into the virtual world making your way through different countries and landscapes. Oculus and Vive have games including racing, tennis, and boxing that you’ll break a sweat while having so much fun. If you’re looking for a full-body workout, Icaros focuses on strength, coordination, and your core while you enjoy a ton of VR environments.

The Experience

If you find gym intimidating or want to mix things up a bit, virtual workouts allow you to achieve this. You’ll have so much fun planking while in outer space, biking through the Alps, or boxing a realistic-looking opponent. To keep you motivated there are incentives like opportunities to enter races, win games, and receive awards.

The VR Gym

While virtual gyms are still a new idea, they are currently running in San Francisco and Boise, Iowa, with more expected to open up across the country in the future. The games were created by trainers and exercise scientist and they use cardio and strength-based movements.