Vegan? Consider Taking These Supplements

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

More and more people are committing to a vegan diet in recent years, and for great reasons. Veganism is compassionate to animals, it’s good for the environment, and it’s good for your health—provided that you make the effort to get in all the essential macro and micronutrients. It’s totally possible, but there are a few things you’ll have to supplement, as they’re particularly challenging to get enough of in a plant-based diet. Make sure to consult with a doctor before committing to any dietary changes.

Vitamin B-12

B12 is one of the vitamins you need to survive, playing an essential role in the production of your red blood cells and DNA and the function of your nervous system. There are also no plant-based sources of it, so it’s one supplement you’ll definitely need to pick up if you’re becoming a vegan.

Vitamin D

While vitamin D is super important, helping keep your bones healthy and strong, most people are deficient in it, and it’s especially hard to get enough on a plant-based diet. You can get some vitamin D from the sun, but it won’t meet your needs, so supplementing is a good idea.


Because your body has a harder time absorbing plant-based sources of iron, vegans are at risk of having low iron levels, which help your body to make enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen.