Useful Tips to Reduce Food Waste During the Holidays

The Holiday season is that time of the year when we all love to celebrate and prepare large meals and feasts for our family. This year, try to adopt these sustainable habits in order to reduce food waste during this festive season.

Plan the Menu

Good organization is the key when it comes to reducing waste and the first step in organizing your holiday celebration is to create a menu. A detailed list of all meals you plan to prepare for the holidays will help you create a list of ingredients you need to buy.

Use What You Have

Maybe you already have some of the ingredients lying around your kitchen or pantry, so make sure to use those first.

Create a Shopping List

The best tip for smart shopping is to create a detailed list of ingredients you need to buy. Once you go to the supermarket try to stick to the list and only buy things you know you’ll be using.

Use leftovers

Even if you plan everything right, chances are you’re still going to have some leftover food. Instead of throwing it out, you can freeze the leftover food or repurpose it in other recipes.