Trendy Inspiration for Your Next Apartment Do-over

Dani Klarić is unarguably the queen of quirky furniture on TikTok. Not only does she refurnish homes with unparalleled style, but her own apartment in Miami is also filled with antique decor, eclectic art, and some of the coolest limited-edition pieces of furniture. 

Luckily for you Bohemian furniture lovers, we have tracked down some of her most iconic decor and furnishing. Here are five pieces Dani has found that ought to be on everyone’s wish list this year.

Cloudy Bed Frame

Long awaited by Dani herself, this fluffy bed frame makes lying in bed feel like floating on a cloud. On the pricey side, but for those willing to spend a little extra for the highest level of comfort.

Pink Lego Brick Coffee Table

An adorable one-of-a-kind coffee table, this Lego style has appeared in many of Dani’s videos; she also has an iconic Lego version of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘A Starry Night’. While the color she has is currently out of stock, there are 19 other colors for you to choose from.

Green Cereal Bowl

This adorable green cereal bowl with a house on a little hill is a must-have for any kitchenware lover. When Dani featured this adorable bowl on her TikTok, fans were going crazy in the comments trying to find out where to purchase it. Well, it’s available and waiting on the MOMA website for you…

Furry Mirror

A mirror outlined with fur in bright colors and one-of-a-kind customizable options? Need we say more? 

Cake Wallpaper 

While this is not technically a Dani find, it is a Dani creation which is even better. The pinky, flirty cake wallpaper has all of TikTok drooling and pressing ‘add to cart’. Debuted at her vintage store’s opening, this wallpaper is unique, quirky, and absolutely adorable. For $57 for every 24×60 inches, this fantastic print is not a bad spend.