Travel Plans Canceled? It’s Time to Create a Vacation at Home

Many of us have been looking forward to our summer vacation and to diving into the ocean or relaxing on the beach while eating crabs and soft serve, but with the coronavirus, travel plans have been canceled. Just because you’re stuck at home, it doesn’t mean you have to be bored and miserable. Here’s how to make your time at home feel more like a vacation.

Check Out the Internet

Many amenities you used to have to pay for are available for free as resorts and destinations are allowing you to enjoy meditations with the sea and recipes from top chefs. For kids, there are crafts, science experiments, and yoga.

Choose a Destination

You can travel to multiple places in a matter of days or hours via virtual tours of museums or landscapes. Create meals or crafts associated with that country.

Make a Spa Day

Were you looking forward to relaxing at the spa? Get a fluffy robe, some scented candles, and some wine to bring the spa to you. Put on a relaxing playlist and make some homemade hair and face masks to unwind.

Spend Time Outdoors

Make use of your backyard or balcony, so you can get out of the house. There are tons of things you can do outside including making a campfire (complete with smores of course), pitching a tent, tanning outside, or setting up a warrior course.