Top 5 Benefits Of Rowing Classes

Photo by monkeybusiness/Depositphotos

Rowing classes are one of the latest favorite fitness trends around the world. The mega-popular rowing machine from the past is making a comeback, and we wanted to point out all the benefits you’ll get from signing up to one of these classes.

Whole-Body Workout

Thanks to these classes you will be working out all parts of your body. It will target the legs, core, back, arms, and also give you a cardiovascular workout.

Build Muscle

This is one of the main benefits everyone expects from a fitness activity. The rowing machine will challenge you and deliver fast results.

Lose Weight

Rowing classes will help you burn calories, which eventually means losing weight. Research shows that the average amount of calories that you’ll lose while rowing is around 600 for one hour. Doesn’t sound bad, right?! If you up the resistance you can burn more.


This type of workout is not as expensive as some other popular classes at the moment. Another benefit is that you can find it almost anywhere.

Fast Results

Since rowing will be challenging you will see quick results, something everyone is looking forward to. By constantly increasing the resistance you will never be bored and you’ll build muscle faster.