TinyHouse Instagram Proves Stability and Adventure Go Hand-in-Hand

A new movement on the horizon involves a trendy new take on downsizing, design, and discovery. Many people are ditching their large homes for specially designed ‘tiny houses’ which offer simpler living situations, convenience, and in many cases, the ability to pick up and go—and take your home along with you. 


The TinyHouse Instagram account provides inspiration stories and pictures from tiny-home owners around the globe, who ditched their normal-sized homes for a more creative and cozier lifestyle. Some of the tiny-homes float, some can be carted on flatbed trucks to the beach, and some are surrounded by forest all around. 


Each home is just as unique in its architecture and décor as it is cute. Each home has its own style and soul—a tiny eclectic oasis, with less clutter and more possibilities. 

In a world more focused on happiness found in minimalism and sustainability, the TinyHouse account gives us a glimpse into a new living frontier. Tiny-homes give purpose to every corner and shelf, space that makes sense, and an answer for wanderlust individuals seeking a permanent family home that is not always rooted to the ground.