4 Reasons to Give Roller Skating a Try

Photo by MusicFox Fx on Unsplash

Have you found yourself mesmerized lately by videos of people jamming out on roller skates? Curious about taking part in the roller skate revival yourself? Here are four reasons why you should give it a shot.

It Feels Like Flying

Trust us, there’s no better feeling than roller skating. Cruising around on eight wheels feels just like flying. Imagine it: the wind in your hair, some 70s tunes in your earbuds, and the wheels spinning under your feet. Oh, the freedom.


It’s Great Exercise

Roller skating is so fun you won’t even notice just how much solid exercise you’re getting. It’s a great leg pump, fantastic cardio, and you can keep going for hours without wanting to stop.


You Can Do It Anywhere, Anytime

No gym membership? Your favorite yoga studio’s closed? No problem. Just strap some skates on your feet and get onto the street. There’s no excuse not to.


It Looks Cool

Let’s face it, the roller skating aesthetic is just cool as heck. From the retro vibes to the colorful skates, you’ll never feel more radical.