Min Zumi’s Tattoos Look Like Patches Sewn On Skin

Tattoos have become so popular nowadays, we have a feeling they’re everywhere. That’s exactly why it’s hard for tattoo artists to come up with something new and create a unique style that’ll make them stand out among others. Min Zumi, however, doesn’t have that problem.

This tattoo artist who works in Authentink studio in Sydney, Australia, has developed a distinctive style of creating tattoos that look like sewn-on patches. Zumi’s ink art is so intricate and realistic you’ll have a hard time believing these “patches” aren’t actually sewn to the skin.


“The fine details are an effect consisting of thin lines of varying colors and shades which create the illusion of threads sewn onto the skin. The intricate design is what makes my tattoos unique and delicate,” the artist said in an interview with Bored Panda, adding that this process requires a lot of planning and concentration but for him, that is part of the fun.

Zumi needed years of hard work and dedication to research and master this skill in order to offer these cool permanent patches to his clients.

Check out his work in the photos below.