Tie Dye Your Eyes With These Colorful Beauty Looks

Tie-dye started trending at the start of 2019 but when the festival season got canceled, we started channeling festival season vibes in all our wardrobe and makeup choices.

Post-lockdown makeup is bolder and brighter than ever and tie dye eye shadow is at the top of our list for beauty looks we love. Here are some of our top picks on Insta.

Sunset Tie Dye

@makeupmarielle channels the glow of the sunset over the Sahara with smudged oranges and exploding blue and purple tie dye.


Outside The Lines

@barwick-makeup doesn’t see her eyebrows as an obstacle. This tie dye masterpiece gets the eyebrows fully involved in the colorful fun of the festival trend.


Bold and Defined

This tie dye look uses careful blending to create a look that is totally vibrant and defined. It’s time to get every color on your palette involved in the fun.


Blurred Edges

For a more subtle tie dye eye, blur the edges to create a softer, quieter look.


Massive Lashes

Finally, pull your statement tie dye eyes together with massive lashes like @linathemua. We’re obsessed with this look.