Cheer’s Gaby Butler’s Workouts are Super Intense

If you’ve ever doubted that cheerleading was a competitive sport, you clearly haven’t seen Netflix’s Cheer. There’s no doubt that the athletes at Navarro College’s 14-time National Championship cheerleading program are in amazing shape and training doesn’t stop once cheer season is over. Gaby Butler’s trainer, Marc Bowron, gave us a look at what her workouts look like, and trust us when we say they’re intense.

Butler trains with Bowron three to four times a week for an hour-long with indoor and outdoor workouts. Bowron told Shape that the cheerleader’s workouts are difficult and that they focus on “strength, power, and endurance.”

The exercises are designed to help Butler with cheer-specific movements and training. For the strength days, the exercises focus on either the upper or lower body to target certain muscle groups. The power workouts include deadlifts, medicine ball slams, and pylo jumps, and they’re meant to help Butler with controlled and explosive movements. Lastly, the endurance workouts are meant to help her build stamina and they include thrusters, walking lunges, sprints, and burpee broad jumps.

Bowron shared several Instagram Story videos of the cheerleader’s outdoor workouts and we can see her doing tire flips, pylo jumps, single-arm dumbbell thrusters while standing on a plate, and medicine ball slams with lateral shuffles.

In an Instagram post on his page, Bowron posted a video of Butler doing hand-over-hand plate pulls with a rope, Spider-Man dumbbell crawls, and backward sled pushes. It’s safe to say that Butler works out hard, even when she isn’t in cheer season.