All the Ways You Can Style a Sarong

Everyone should own at least one sarong, as they’re a super versatile piece that can be styled in so many ways. Sarong aren’t just for the beach—you can wear them as dresses, skirts, and tops anytime during the summer. With so many fun prints and fabrics, there’s one to match your wardrobe. Here are just five ways to wear sarongs.

Skirt Over Bodysuit or Bikini

When you’re at the beach and you want to grab a quick meal at a restaurant, but you don’t want to feel overly exposed, just tie a sarong around your hips for some extra coverage.

Strapless or Halter Dress

A sarong with a lot of fabric works best for dresses and there are so many fun ways you can tie it depending on what neckline you prefer. You can even belt it to give your waist some definition.

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Crop Top

Tie tops are all the rage right now and to create this look all you need to do is fold your sarong in half in a triangle shape and tie it in the back or criss-cross the longest sides across the front of your body and tie it around your neck.

Draped Over Your Shoulders

The easiest way to style your sarong is to drape it over your shoulders. You can wear it at the beach for some sun protection or at the office when the air conditioning is a bit too strong.