Three Reasons to Use Your Cast Iron Skillet This Holiday Season

Photo by James Kern on Unsplash

Cast-iron skillets are perfect to use over the holidays because you can serve them straight from the pan, no need to dirty any more dishes! Plus, you’ll get great results in all of your favorite dishes.


Cornbread is a southern staple that is perfect for all your holiday needs. You can put it on the table and drench it in butter or gravy, or even use it to make your dressings and stuffings. The best cornbread comes out of a cast-iron skillet because it gets nice and hot in the oven before you pour in the batter, which creates a better dispersion of heat.

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is such a fun side dish to have on a holiday table, and if you’re into the baked variety, why not go ahead and pour it into a cast-iron skillet? The cheese will get super melty and the bread crumbs or whatever topping you use will be extra crispy, it’s really the best pan to cook it in.


While a cast-iron skillet is essential for savory dishes, you can’t forget about the sweet stuff! Set yourself up for success and use your cast-iron skillet for all your favorite holiday treats this year. Whether you have a family who loves pecan pie or traditional pumpkin or sweet potato pie, a cast-iron can do it all.

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