Our Favorite Fitness Tracker Watches

They keep track of your exercise activity, monitor your heart rate, and record your sleep schedule; we’re talking about fitness trackers. There are tons available on the markets and each one seems to be offering something a little different. How can you decide which tracker is best for you?

We’ve put together our favorites, now it’s up to you to decide which one you’re going to buy.

Apple Watch Series 5

Keep track of all your fitness goals; how far you walk or hike, your cardio and strength training sessions, even your daily movement. What makes it stand above the rest? It’s always on, it can detect your fitness even when you forget to put in into the system, there’s a heart rate monitor that can take an electrocardiogram (EKG), and you’ll receive detailed workout statistics.

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Vivoactive 4S

You can watch workout demos just by looking at your wrist and the Garmin run coach can help you train for your next marathon. If you want to create your own workout, it’s not a problem; you can upload them to your watch. Another feature we love is the stress tracking, which can tell when you’re stressed and it then gives you breathing exercises. You can also download your music straight to your watch; there’s no need to have your phone for your next workout!

Galaxy Watch

Who doesn’t love rose gold? If you’re not into the color you can always opt for midnight black or silver. This watch not only looks super stylish, but it can also track your exercise, sleep, and calories burned. You can access the weather, make calls from your phone, and get workout suggestions. This watch connects to all the latest apps including Spotify and SmartThings.