How to Transform Your Ponytail From The Gym to Holiday Parties

Whether you’re having a bad hair day or going straight from the gym to your next office holiday party, ponytails can instantly take your look from drab to fab. Sometimes you just don’t have time after your spin class to wash and blow-dry your hair and that’s when ponytails come to the rescue. Transforming your hair from a sweaty mess to party-ready is as easy as accessorizing it. Check out these fun ways to add a little glam to your hair!

Hair Cuff

Hair cuffs instantly make any hairstyle more elegant. It’s as easy as applying some hair oil to tame those sweaty flyaways and securing them with an elastic.

Not Your Basic Elastic

Are you getting bored of tying your hair with those same old elastics? You can be even more festive this holiday season by simply adding a bow to your hair. Just put your hair in a low ponytail and let some hair hang loose to frame your face.

Colorful Pins

You can have so much fun with a few cool, colorful pins. Experiment by making designs like crisscrosses and part your hair to the side. Pro tip: to keep your hair in place spray it with hairspray and use some bobby pins that match your hair color. Then place the more unique clips on top.

Personalized Clips

We’ve been seeing tons of clips with awesome messages like glam, queen, or style, and your hair can finally make the statement it deserves. Why not let your hair do all the talking?

Padded Headband

Headbands are the secret to keeping your hair in place when all else fails. They’ll give you the sophisticated, polished look you’ve been wanting to achieve. Even Kate Middleton knows all about how headbands can complete any outfit; just check out the way she styles them. Pair your headband with a tight ponytail and put your headband behind your ears.