Three Must See Television Series For Food Lovers!

Ana Ros in "Chef's Table"

If you are a self-proclaimed foodie, there is no better television for you than shows about food! Although there are whole networks dedicated to food, there are still shows scattered throughout different stations that are absolutely worth your time and will definitely get your wheels turning.

Chef’s Table

This Netflix original show is a mini docuseries that focus on one chef per episode. The show is shot really spectacularly, and really is work of art. They tell the story of the chefs and how their food really becomes an extension of themselves.


If you like a fast-paced game show, Chopped should definitely be on your list. The show has lightening-fast rounds, yet the chefs are still able to pull off incredible looking dishes. It’ also a great way to learn about new ingredients and how to use them.

The Great British Bake Off

This spunky and light-hearted reality show follows about 13 bakers per season as they have new challenges week by week all about baking. Between the British accents and the incredible baking goods, you will seriously get hooked on this show in no time. The show is normally on PBS or BBC, but can also be found on other outlets like Netflix.