5 Hacks for a Perfectly Even Tan

Photo by Shazmyn Ali on Unsplash

All avid fake tanners will know that the secret to sun-kissed skin is in the application. Skipping the exfoliation stage, for example, might save time but will result in a streaky tan. Here are five hacks to help you get the best results without breaking the bank or heading to a salon.

If you’ve still got the reminiscence of your previous tan on your body, it will result in a patchy tan. The chlorine in swimming pools will soften the tan and make it easier to scrub off in the shower after, so a good tip is to go for a swim before you tan!

Make sure you are clean

And by clean, we mean completely clean. You might have showered this morning but even a speck of deodorant can react with the tan and make it go green.

Cold water

If you can brave it, finish your shower with ice cold water as it will close your pours which help the tan glide over your skin for a perfectly smooth finish.

Moisturise before and after

To ensure an even tan, moisturize your dry areas prior to applying. This includes spots like your elbows and inner wrists which will typically end up darker if you skip this step. After tanning, moisturize daily to help prolong the inevitable fading.