Three Creative Ways to Use Old Wine Bottles!

For us winos out there, we always have tons of wine bottles lying around and we never know what to do with them. Luckily, they are tons of DIY projects out there that use wine bottles, so the next time you open a bottle, save it and use it for these DIYs!

Restaurant Style

What better way to use old wine bottles than to make other liquids look beautiful? Just like a lot of restaurants are starting to do, you can take an old wine bottle, wash it out, and take off the label to make a great water pitcher! This is perfect for dinner parties or regular parties so people can help themselves to water whenever they need it. You can also go ahead and use it for other drinks like juices, mixed drinks, and more!


One really beautiful way to use old wine bottles is to make them into candlesticks! Not only do they easily turn into candle holders, but they also look so cool once the candles start to melt. Just stick one candle into each bottle, and let the flames create an amazing ambiance.


Another stunning way to use a wine bottle is to make it into a makeshift vase! You can go crazy with this and paint and decorate your bottles, or you can leave them simple and just put your favorite flowers in there!