The Best Ways to Stop Yourself From Getting Sleepy While Reading

We all want to find more time to read in our busy schedule, but there’s just something about this activity that makes people super-sleepy. If you fall under this category, here are a couple of tricks that can help you stay awake.

Different Timing

If you usually read before going to bed, it’s not unusual that you would have a hard time staying up. You’re already exhausted from everything that went on during the day, so think about finding time for your favorite book at a different hour.

Tasty Treat

It’s difficult to fall asleep when you have something else but the book keeping you distracted. How about having a snack or drinking a nice cup of tea while you’re cozying up with your favorite novel?


If you usually get sleepy while you’re reading because your eyes are getting too tired, audiobooks are a good way to go. You may even consider walking or doing chores during this activity, unless you have trouble concentrating this way.