This Edible DIY Halloween Decoration Will Be The Talk of Your Party

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

When people think of making their own decorations, they always imagine it to be hard. That combined with the skill most people think you need to have to carve food makes homemade food decorations seem impossible. But fear not! This Halloween you can make your own scary faced decorations out of bell peppers for almost nothing. Best of all, once the party is over, you can just cook the peppers and eat them for another meal. There’s no way you can go wrong with these adorable decorations so give them a try for this Halloween!


  1. First, start off by rinsing the peppers and cutting the top of them straight across. Depending on what you will be using them for, you can throw away the top or save it to cover the pepper during the party.
  2. Then, using a small and sharp knife, carve two triangles for the eyes, a shape for the nose, and whatever kind of expression you want theĀ pepper to have, whether that be a big smile, a triangle zig-zag scary face, or whatever you can think of. The crazier the better.
  3. Finally, use your peppers for serving bowls to hold veggie sticks, or even fill them with different kinds of dips.