This is How You Party Abroad on a Budget

Photo by Gades Photography on Unsplash

If you want to experience the crazy nightlife wherever you are, it may cost you. Although some countries are very cheap when it comes to alcohol and nightclubs, some can be really pricey. If you’re traveling a lot and looking to have a great time but still not empty your pockets, here are some tips for keeping within your spending budget.

Happy Hours

Most large cities, especially in Europe, will have happy hour deals. That might be a 2 for 1 or just discounted drinks, but either way, ask around or even just walk around between 6-8 to see if any bars are having an offer.


Drinking before you go out will save you so much money, just as it does at home. Going to the local grocery store or liquor store may not be so cheap, but it definitely will cost less than buying drinks out.


Befriending the locals wherever you are is crucial on so many levels, especially if you want to go out. Chances are they are going to know the best places to go to which won’t be touristy, which means a lower chance for high cover fees for bars and clubs. Even if there is a cover, chances are they can haggle it down for you.