5 Makeup Removal Tips for Your Daring Halloween Look

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

It’s nearly Halloween, which means an excuse to dress- up (yay!) and try out all those bold makeup looks that you wouldn’t dare try on an ordinary weekend. Getting carried away and going all out with the glitter is great fun. What’s not so fun is waking up for work and realizing that the reminiscence of your Halloween party on Saturday night has clung to you like that ex-boyfriend. Instead of toning it down this year, here are 5 sneaky tips for getting rid of any leftover makeup.


Yes, we’re raving about coconut oil again, but as always it’s for a good reason. By trading your makeup removal for coconut oil, you’ll not only find that body paint and makeup slides off with your cotton wool pad. You’ll also soothe and smooth your skin, which is just what you need after a big Halloween party.

Body paint

You should be able to wash off the majority of your body paint with warm water, but if there are stains left over, try using baby oil.

Removing false eyelashes

If you’re not used to wearing false eyelashes, please resist the urge to yank them off at the end of the night. Instead, soak a cotton wool pad in hot water and gently press them against your eyelids and lashes. This will soften the glue and you’ll be able to easily peel them off.

Body glitter

Body glitter always seems like a good idea at the time (and it is!) but it’s easy to regret the decision when you’re still brushing glitter off your skin two showers later. Use a lint roller to easily pick up any leftover sparkles from your body. Use scotch tip for glitter on your face.


If you painted your whole face, you’ll probably find traces of the paint in your eyebrows for days to come. Vaseline is a brilliant way to remove any leftover bits of paint in your eyebrows or hairline.