These Were the Most Exciting Destinations for Foodies in 2018

Photo by Sterling Davis on Unsplash

According to Zapat, the Google Dining app, Los Angeles was the most exciting destination in America last year for foodies. Thanks to its hugely eclectic array of restaurants, bars and food trucks, the city as deserving of top spot.

In 2019, there are plenty more food destinations emerging but here’s a look back the top picks for foodies in the year that’s just gone.

30. Asheville, NC

29. Baltimore, ND

28. Kansas City, MO

27. Portland, ME

26. Lexington, KY

25. Richmond, VA

24. Birmingham, AL

23. San Diego, CA

22. Indianapolis, IN

21. Detroit, MI

20. Nashville, TN

19. Miami, FL

18. Minneapolis, MN

17. St. Louis, MO

16. Dallas—Fort Worth, TX

15. New York City

14. Boston, MA

13. Houston, TX

12. Raleigh, NC

11. Philadelphia, PA

10. San Francisco, CA

9. Atlanta, GA

8. New Orleans, LA

7. Charlestown, SC

6. Washington, DC

5. Seattle, WA

4. Denver, CO

3. Chicago, IL

2. Austin, TX

1. Los Angeles, CA

This year, Los Angeles is still a roaring contender but San Francisco, New York City and Napa Valley are also top picks for the year ahead.

Happy New Year foodies!