These Tips Will Change the Way You Apply Glitter Nail Polish

Glitter nail polish is amazing, but does it ever bother you how it takes a whole eternity to apply it? Well, that’s because you still haven’t figured out the proper way to do it. This is the most genius beauty trick ever and will literally change your life. If you are a huge fan of sparkles, keep on reading.

What Not to Do

Layering numerous coats of glitter nail polish until you’ve filled all the gaps is probably what you’ve been doing so far. Forget about it, and prepare yourself to be amazed. Using this technique is great with all other polishes, but can end up being a disaster with glitter.

The Magic Trick

Start off by removing everything you have on the nails and protect the skin with liquid latex. Apply the base coat just like you would usually do. The next step is the life-changing thing about this nail polish. Instead of painting a coat with the polish brush, grab a makeup sponge. Apply the polish on the corner of the sponge and start tapping it on the nails. Don’t forget the top coat. It’s so simple, but so unexpected, right? Voila, your sparkling nails are done.