These Stunning Attractions Will Convince You to Visit Tasmania

Tasmania is one of the most exciting states in Australia. It is also the smallest one, but that doesn’t stop it from being an absolutely amazing destination. You can expect quite a diverse location with beaches, protected World Heritage spots, magical natural wonders, and unique animal species.

Freycinet National Park

National Parks in Australia are next level, so much so that you won’t believe your eyes. Get ready to explore the untouched nature with fewer tourists and more magnificent views. The biggest attraction is the vistas of Wineglass Bay, so that is the first spot to head to.

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a stunning little town in Tasmania filled with history. If you love to just walk around and soak the beauty of old buildings, this is the town to visit.


The Richmond Bridge is one of the top attractions in this state. It was built in 1825 and it is the oldest one in Australia. If you are ever traveling to this state, don’t forget to stop by this significant landmark.


Hobart is an old town with a modern spirit. You will find the most charming restaurants and cafes just walking by the water.