These Foods Are Safe to Share With Your Dog

When you have a dog, it’s always fun to give them a little treat for being good, and to feel like you are connected throughout mutual foods! Though there are some foods that are definitely off limits like chocolate and garlic, there are actually many foods that you can safely share with your dogs.


If you want to give your dog a bit of a sweet treat, honey is a great option to choose. Especially if they are prone to allergies, just like you would for humans, give them some honey to alleviate their symptoms.


Many people grew up eating scrambled eggs when they weren’t feeling well or had a stomach ache. Well, the same goes for dogs! Eggs are a really great source of protein for dogs, but they also help with an upset stomach. Just make sure you cook the eggs as uncooked egg whites can be bad for a dog’s stomach.  


Cheese is actually a fine treat for your dog to have! However, some cheeses are better than others, especially ones that are lower in fat like mozzarella, cottage cheese, or anything that has a lower amount of fat in it.