Muji Cafes Are Popping Up in Asia

Muji is a popular Japanese retail company that focuses on simplicity and minimalism in its design. They have almost everything from stationary to pens to clothes and home supplies. Their packaging is simple because they want to create more emphasis on the products themselves.

Japan’s culture is generally not showy at all, and they usually strive for timeless yet attractive pieces. Cafe&Meal Muji is an extension of Muji that provides meals with natural ingredients, reflecting the simplicity of their products.

Simple and Delicious

The food at Cafe&Meal Muji is sourced completely from the soil and is organic. In their branch in Singapore, they aim to provide a well-balanced meal with healthy dishes such as soups, curries, and rice-based meals.

Desserts and Tea

A meal wouldn’t be complete without a tasty dessert and Muji comes prepared. They use natural ingredients such as Sakura egg for their desserts and they even have matcha sprinkled in their pastries and drinks. The tea comes from Shizuoka Prefecture beside Mount Fuji so rest assured – you’re getting the highest quality ingredients.

Shop and Eat

If you’re a big Muji fan, you’ll want to book a ticket to Singapore or Japan to experience their Muji Cafe. After enjoying a hearty meal, check out their book collection for great art books for your living room.