These Are This Year’s top Christmas Tree Trends

We reached that time of the year where almost everyone already decorated their Christmas tree, including our favorite celebrities. Some of them couldn’t wait to share the photos of their holiday décor with their fans, and we noticed three major trends emerge on A-list Instagram feeds.

White Christmas

Each year gives us new tree color trends, and 2020 is no different. White Christmas trees are all the rage right now, and Jennifer Lopez, Martha Steward, and Kim Kardashian are amongst the celebrities who seem to love them. They’re easy to find and decorate since each color suits them well.

Keep It Minimal

Some celebrities like to go over the top when it comes to Christmas trees, while others prefer to keep it minimal. Trees decorated with nothing but Christmas lights and a couple, if any, ornaments are a huge hit with celebrities, and they’re a great fit for outdoor spaces.

Timeless Classics

Each season brings new trends, but celebrities like sticking to the classics from time to time. Instead of going over the top and giving new trends a try, some of them are decorating their trees with classic Christmas color combos, starting with the red and gold mix.