Mental Health Breaks Are a Big Part of Work from Home Life

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Whether work from home has been your reality for years or only for the past several months, by now we can all agree that this setup is definitely not easy. While working from home has some advantages over going to the office, numerous challenges make it more difficult than we imagined.

Of course, the global pandemic only adds stress and doesn’t help the overall situation, so here’s one important thing you need to do every day for mental health.

Taking mental health breaks is important but often overlooked. Between work and taking care of the home (and kids if you have them), it seems like there’s less time than ever to take breaks if you want to stay productive.

One thing you shouldn’t do is make mental health just another thing on your to-do list. That’s not the way to stay healthy in the long run and you need to truly understand why taking breaks is important and in what ways you can best use them. Some people enjoy taking a nap, others go out for a walk, and some like to call a dear person.

Disconnecting from work and your desk space several times per day or as often as you need it will make you more productive and happier in the long run.