Discover the Magical Paper World of Judith + Rolfe

The world of paper art is full of surprises thanks to the amazing artists who are pushing boundaries with their creations. The masterminds behind the paper art studio Judith + Rolfe are doing just that with their art that draws inspiration from nature, geometry, and architecture.

Before turning to paper art in 2016, Judith studied architecture at Cornell and worked in this field for an entire decade. Her background in architecture and interior design came in handy when she decided to turn to paper art, and helped her stand out amongst the other artists.

Her intricate 3D creations utilize quilling paper and are mostly inspired by botanical flora, taking the form of beautiful, colorful flowers. Judith works closely with her husband Rolfe, but he’s mostly a problem-solver, logistics, and ideas guy who prefers staying behind the scenes.

When it comes to her creative process, Judith makes her art by gluing paper strips to each other. This task requires a lot of patience because everything needs to be precise and aligned, but she enjoys each and every step of the journey. Cutting, shaping, and gluing paper over and over again can become repetitive, but she finds the process relaxing and the final result is truly amazing.